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American Apparel is bad, mmkay

American Apparel Will Make You Look Like A Fat Hooker

Though it doesn't really bother me but American Apparel (AA) have swallowed a bit of bad press lately. Not long after my post praising AA's graffiti free hoodies founder Dov Charney got flamed. Wearing a sock on his little man and asking a colleague to perform obvious sexual acts caused lawyers to join in on the party. Further reading into Dov suggests the above actions as the natural progression of employer to employee relations within AA. Dov (not sure if this a cool name yet) openly admitted to wearing nothing but AA underwear around the office, calling women derogative terms and possibly end up sleeping with them. Now they have can there fun in public as they play it through the court system.

What else could be wrong with AA? Did you know it will make you look like a fat hooker.