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Fugly Uggs


It's good to see that the Australian fashion icon Ugg Boots are finding wearers world wide. You would be hard pressed to find an aussie who hasn't roasted their feet in a set of ancient uggs at one point in their life.

Step now into the 21st century featuring Crocs. Popular outdoor shoes available in a huge range of colors. Namely pink and blue. I first saw these abominable excuses for footwear last year in Israel. My mate, an Israeli living in Australia, wasn't impressed on what his comrades had resorted to. To me they are pushing the ideal mixing thongs and slippers which doesn't work.

Continuing on the extreme a blending of the species has been detected. The DNA of Crocs and Ugg Boots has been spliced to spawn Cruggs! Luckily for high blood pressure sufferers the damage to the environment is not wide spread, the survival rate appears to be awfully low.