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Get Younger

In April I was apart of a team who developed and deployed Younger You (YY). YY is a corner of the Internet for sourcing a variety of anti-aging advice. Luckily not everything needs a scalpel, butter knives can get you a few quick wins.

The launch event was an experience for an ordinary bloke. Hosted at True Solutions invited guests were treated to the offerings of Spa Universe (think day spa). With possibly 5 gents in the room and another 40 women we tried to amuse ourselves with idle banter.

YoungerYou Launch Event

Very quickly after the formalities Spa Universe representatives ushered/forced us to get treatments. Typically targeted to holders of two X chromosomes I was convinced to relax in a dentist chair. Next came the some tanning salon goggles and a LED lamp an inch away from my face.

In front of my face with burning red LEDs was an OmniLux lamp smothering me with rejuvenating rays. The intention is by firing a specific wavelength it will stimulate damaged cells to repair themselves. Of all the things it could fix, sun burn was the only one which got my attention. Putting up with this light therapy for 20 minutes I then was guided to a facial.

YoungerYou Launch Event

Now lying flat along a massage table a concoction of 'bare minerals' came in contact with my face. I was assured that the treatment was more then my face being washed a number times. Afterwards I was asked if I could notice a difference. Firstly I wasn't expecting any and I didn't really go in for a before look. So I may as well have had my face washed a couple of times.

An interesting experience overall though I have not partaken in the above treatments since. I'm pretty happy with my skin having a dash of acne. Running through a mud bath is more my thing.