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Kevlar Hoodie!

This is flipping awesome. With winter approaching, protection becomes an issue... obviously. Walking down a street simply increases the chances of a knife falling into your new threads, damaging them for the rest of the season. Now that a poor bunch of students have been shot up it sets up a segway for personal protection clothing.

Kevlar Hoodie

Science fiction sounding company Bladerunner has produced a Kevlar lined hoodie aimed at trouble magnet teens. Being a fan of a good hoodie, this could spawn a sub culture with hip hop fans. Rather than fronting with a significant amount of bling (jewelry), street credibility could be gained by the amount of body armor one carries. The concept actually isn't new, rapper Busta Rhymes has performed at least once wearing a bullet proof vest.

Should Kevlar continue to be embedded into everyday clothing daredevils such as Johnny Knoxville could perform stunts exclusively wearing Bladerunner armor. Endorsements would be huge, Knoxville could even have his own range!

UPDATE 2/9: Paul at the The Chronic is selling the hoodies online!