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No Name Apparel

If you have ever bought a T-Shirt online with some sort of custom art work it is likely that the shirt is from American Apparel (AA). They make really cool casual clothes without branding. Bonds would be the Australian equivalent without the focus on underwear. Many a time I have wanted to purchase a top of some sort purely on style. Though not actually making the purchase due to the graffiti like art work. AA have a great range and I plan to make a purchase, some of the hoodies seem a bit pricey though.

Pricey hoodie from American Apparel

I was recently reminded by a post on Manolo for the Men about Pocket Protectors that the more functional clothing is, the less desirable it is. Since the onset of cargo pants, it has been fascinating how designers borrow ideas from existing highly functional clothing. All imaginable pockets have been preconceived from tradesman like industries. Sending the image that the wearer needs the additional pockets to hold tools when they really bang keyboards from nine to five.

If your in the need of additional naval gazing in middle of summer catch the highlights of the Victoria's Secret 2007 fashion show. Which blessed our screens just before Christmas.

Local male underwear producer aussieBum (with dick pointing technology) are sponsoring four blokes to drive from Sydney to Dublin. The Crazy Journey boys bought a second hand hummer and took off on an endless adventure of partying in the hope of spreading the word of youth mental illness. I must be the only one who can not see the relationship between partying and mental illness.