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Drug dealing at Australian Fashion Week

The Australian Fashion Week got its lovely long legs into action in Sydney this week. As always the majority of the featured apparel is for the female fashion conscious. What really matters is the controversy making headlines, rather than the disposable fancy frocks costing more than a new set of tyres.

Kevlar Hoodie

Aussie designer Nicholas Morley who threads his needle in Bali stuck it to the whole Corby posse. Paper thin models hit the gangway with 7XL shirts bearing the message: Four Kilo Anti Hero. We have all heard around the traps that the Corby family is known for more than giving there children weird names. If Schapelle is innocent, one of siblings would be next inline for a conviction.

The other side of the story is the Indonesian court didn't seek DNA evidence from Australia to determine the origin of the weed. Secondly the lack of forensic testing on the 4kg's of grass.

Morley was actually wearing the same shirt in a web interview, a few days before the show but it didn't seem to make a splash.