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The Cardigan: Questionable Fashionable

I've be preaching for years that being a geek is cool, potentially chic. Don't confuse a geek with a nerd, it breaches a blood feud that been spanning a millennia.

Generally speaking you want to dress comfortably. There is only so far away you can get from home with your, hanging by the threads, Adidas track suit. Just as you would with life, you compromise. We men want to wear our super comfortable cardigan's and show the world while we are at it. Long have women abused this privilege, by taking it to extremes of cross breading them with trench coats. Spawning sorry excuses for knee length cardigan's.

Nerd Big Brother house mate Jamie greeted Gretel on opening night wearing a brown cardigan. He is one for sure that is not concerned with the label that is attached to his cardigan. He should be congratulated for being comfortable on TV. High school maths teachers have be this flaunting for years.

These flatly knitted warm but cool fashion statements are durable. Not only do they withstand the battering of chalk infected maths teachers, they also possess life saving properties. An assassination attempt by the Bulgarian Secret Service and KGB in Paris on Vladimir Kostov was foiled in 1978. Why? He was wearing a thick woolen cardigan.

Thanks to Rob at Signified for the idea on this post.