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Chic to be Green

The media is putting a lot of focus on who or what is the greenest of them all. Public concern is growing, so the more FUD spread, the world can benefit.

Degradable A&R Bag

Recently I purchased a gift from Angus & Robertson for the lady that loves me most. Day's later I was pleasantly surprised that the A&R carry bag I was provided with was 100% degradable. This little beauty was designed by Maxpak Australasia. The Envirogreen plastic bag is designed to break down and degrade by heat, oxidation and sunlight.

Which is interesting as some people like to reuse shopping bags. Possibly causing people's possessions spilling onto the street after the third use, but imagine the extreme. A young professional purchases that dress she has been saving up for by Alex Perry. Leaves the store with the frock in a degradable bag. The bag doesn't even last five meters and the dress spills out onto the footpath.

Being green has even extended to the high brow crowd. When fine dining, instead of requesting for bottled water, the trend is to ask for tap water. This is great, as the environmental cost of producing something that is available without a bottle is huge. One of the most hated items on the bill that bloke's cringe at paying for is water. Who can really charge for something that is basically a dollar a tonne.

News big daddy, Rupert Murdoch, recently announced that News Corp will be carbon neutral by 2010. Alas doing so will be easier for fewer rather than many, but increasing the demand for green technologies and initiatives will make them more accessible to smaller players. Murdoch's goal doesn't compare to what Darwin accountant took upon himself upon to save the environment.

Wayne has worn the same pair of pants, five days a week for 2 years. Only to wash them on the weekend. With the bonus chance of wearing them again on Saturday night. What an environmental hero, he could file my tax return any day!