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Fags are so gay

At the Town Hall steps on Wednesday I saw street performers pushing the awareness of disposing cigarette butts appropriately. This coincides with the new smoking bans.

Pubs and clubs in neighbor states NSW and VIC must abide by new indoor smoking legislation come Monday morning. At last I can come home not smelling like I've spent the night in a chimney. The funny thing I discovered by speaking to smokers is they themselves hate the smell when they get home - so why do it?

For this to have a blanket effect as desired the ban needs to be enforced in all public areas. The Italians have been at the forefront of this. With on the spot individual fines. Doubled if pregnant women or children are close by and fines to the venue.

The problem still exists as people tend to gravitate to the usually outside smoking section of an establishment. As patrons with the portable cancer pack depart with friends in tow to rejuvenate there lungs with tar.