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VB still highly regarded.

Testing beer is an activity that consumes many blokes on a weekly basis. Though some struggle to test more than one beer. Luckily Choice magazine has produced findings which will avoid future conundrum's at your local watering hole.

Throwing down the gauntlet, Choice tested 46 premium beers available in Australia. Unfortunately the Victorian backwash also known as VB has tied the top spot with Tooheys New. It boggles me as to what Victorians eat that is so sweet they need to wash it down with some beer that could substitute for acid.

There is no doubt, growing up, VB seems like a kings beer. Any 16 year old drinker would think highly of themselves when trying to swallow whole a six pack acquired from an older sibling. New has gained quite a lot of credibility at the pub I've noticed. If it's coming out of a bottle, for me, it's an awkward choice. Victoria has scarred me for life in being able to trust a beer in a brown bottle.

The beer to trust with a clear bottle is Tooheys Extra Dry, better known to some as TED. It flows so gracefully you can use it as an alternative to water. TED gave me a welcome reminder of home when in England. What else does an Australian do when traveling in London, find the first Australian pub. Upon realisation a high five was thrown up to my mate who decalred: "They have Extra Dry!".