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The bullets just bounce off!

Fake bullet proof vest

A new alternative has arrived for the wife beater singlet that so many of us love to wear in summer. Fashion pimp's Kr3w Apparel have produced the TK Too Live Vest. A mock bullet proof vest that is begging for a cap to be popped off into it.

At the very least when you are found dead in an alley way, your next of kin can recognise you in your blood soaked designer threads. The team at Kr3w might be onto something big here. They could be spawning a community of DIY apparel modders. I can see it now.

Right after quilting at the local community college. The street wear modders appear, blinding the little old ladies with there bling as they leave the class. The first weeks lesson is on how to add lead plates into your fancy dress bullet proof vest. Although really it should come with an imitation lead finish as standard, just to give it a life saving look.

Quite honestly, this has got to be one of the lamest things I have ever seen. The kelvar hoodie wins hands down.