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Creamy undies

Davenport Creamy Undies

When pajama retailers come out with new lines they can always push the pillow fight card as a head turning advertising campaign. Today the apparently renowned underwear producer Davenport has come up with the cream pie food fight as their talking point.

Shipping in a bus load of hot bodies wearing nothing but so called comfortable and fashionable underwear, smothered head to toe in cream will turn a few heads. At least the creative team didn't push a water theme, even though it's controversial.

Underwear you wear everyday is meant to be comfortable. Really, it sits under your clothes, away from prying eyes. So why do we need fashionable pieces? How long does one really stare at themselves in the mirror when they put on their underdaks. It boggles the mind that there are two pairs of men's basics and 17 from the fashion collection. Sure the chicks look hot, but do they really put them on everyday?

Unlike aussieBum, Davenport undies are available in real stores. Not those pretend ones you find on the Internet. Men's boxers and briefs can be found in Myer stores Australia wide. If you missed the ad, you can view it online as many times as you want.