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Fat buttons in style?

On the weekend Myer had a family and friends shopping offer. I assumed that it was meant to be exclusive. Instead they were handing out the same flyer I had and calling it a private sale. For men's clothing I think Myer rocks, it one of the few stores where you don't have to fend off an army of sales reps making there presence felt.

Big Shirt Buttons

I bought a handful of casual/business shirts. Different labels had different discounts, which always makes a sale more confusing than you want it to be. Being an amateur at pretending to understand fashion trends I did notice that the buttons on the shirt are slightly fatter.

Could be that designers are venturing to new extremes of creativity. Or the sweat shop in China ran out of buttons with the thickness of a five cent coin. There is a long term benefit to changes in trends that are noticeable by touch, well at least for me.

As a bloke an item of clothing never gets thrown out. If it is falling apart, it's used as an oil rag first. Picturing myself rotting away in a nursing home at the age of 80. Getting ready for the days activities, I reach for the wardrobe virtually blind as I sat on my goggles the day before. Making the choice by touch I detect fat buttons and decide to dress as if it is 2007. Obviously standing out, drawing the attention of the new seventy five year old resident's who have a taste for older men.