Shaved by a Man

Lately I've been able to get away with shaving once a week. Before heading out to the beach I'll do a quick and nasty shave. Rubbing sun screen into a face with week old chin hair makes me an odd looking Santa.

Today's shave is a little different. Firstly I'm not going to the beach and secondly I won't be doing the shaving. Cautiously jumping on an American Crew invitation passed on by Primped I accepted the offer of having a shave, by a stranger.

Smell like Tom Ford

Being one of the digital cogs in the Estèe Lauder online machine, I managed to score some products. As our little relationship was nearing to an end, they provided some parting gifts!

When in Queenstown: Fergburger

When visiting the southern island of New Zealand, if you can survive crossing Orc country, make the extra effort and visit the temple of the Fergburger. Fortified in the center of Queenstown, devouring a Fergburger is a must for any traveler.

Newcastle Movie

Took a chance on a no brainer competition last Friday. The mighty fine folk at Triple J were offering double passes to see an exclusive screening of an Australian flick: Newcastle. To compete, I typed in some obvious information and bam. No need to thrash out 25 words of well thought out ego boosting crap. In the end the event wasn't as exclusive as initially thought. No exclusive ticket ripping. Just an usher pointing into the general direction.

WWE Smackdown Sydney

Deep in hibernation BT rolls over and stumbles upon some steroid induced family entertainment. Surely grown men wrestling in outfits conceived at the Mardi Gras can't sell out an arena built for Olympians?

Bloke Threads: New name, same game

Welcome to the relaunch of Bloke Threads (BT). So far beyond Vogue its all about the Threads now.

Bloke Threads

Bloke Threads comes to you live and direct. Digitally delivered on a silver platter full of everyday bloke misgivings and shenanigans.

Lock the new address Update those bookmarks and RSS feeds.

Private Hood

Hooligan Hoodie

American Apparel is bad, mmkay

American Apparel Will Make You Look Like A Fat Hooker

No Name Apparel

If you have ever bought a T-Shirt online with some sort of custom art work it is likely that the shirt is from American Apparel (AA). They make really cool casual clothes without branding. Bonds would be the Australian equivalent without the focus on underwear. Many a time I have wanted to purchase a top of some sort purely on style. Though not actually making the purchase due to the graffiti like art work.

Smash Bang

Had a bit of a run in yesterday. My poor little stationary Mazda was violated by a Nissan Path Finder wearing a bullbar the size of Tasmania. Pushing me forward into the rear of the car in front. The Nissan hit me at quite a pace, enough to throw my sun glasses off (a MySpace junkie blogger would post a self taken picture of themselves wearing the glasses in question... I'll hold off the urge).


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