Shirt wears

Isn't it great how polictics pushes fashion. Gorbachev scored work though Louis Vuitton. Australian PM contender Kevin Rudd managed to move a billion pieces of Kevin 07 shirts clocking up $100k in additional campaign budget. Now they are buying a fishing village in India to keep up with demand, as long they vote Labor.

Sydney Fashion Week runway!

After six months of pretending to have half a clue about fashion I found myself attending the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Transeasonal 2008. Luckily for me I manage to tag along with the Vogue Online team. Originally the deal was for me to provide technical support in the media room, but that fell apart. Nonetheless my ticket remained valid.

Fugly Uggs


It's good to see that the Australian fashion icon Ugg Boots are finding wearers world wide. You would be hard pressed to find an aussie who hasn't roasted their feet in a set of ancient uggs at one point in their life.

Riding Low

Riding Low

Wearing baggy pants has been popular for a number years. Largely due to the comfort factor. More recently, wearing pants low is a trend that requires its own legislation.

The Sky is Falling

Usually on Father's Day we all have some sort of family commitments. Well today, I had my own. Piled into my mate's two door Holden Astra we made our way to Wollongong. Leaving before dawn, we had an appointment with the heavens. Sky diving, over the beach.

Man Cans

Man Cans

Rudd Bashing Bandwagon

Lets all hold our breath while a skeleton from a politician's closet jumps out and makes the Sunday morning news. The point is no one really cares, he actually didn't do anything. If camera phones were as popular then as they are today, some dodgy footage would have made it onto YouTube.

Creamy undies

Davenport Creamy Undies

When pajama retailers come out with new lines they can always push the pillow fight card as a head turning advertising campaign. Today the apparently renowned underwear producer Davenport has come up with the cream pie food fight as their talking point.

The bullets just bounce off!

Fake bullet proof vest

Gorbachev: The new tired face for Vuitton

Mikhail Gorbachev


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