VB still highly regarded.

Testing beer is an activity that consumes many blokes on a weekly basis. Though some struggle to test more than one beer. Luckily Choice magazine has produced findings which will avoid future conundrum's at your local watering hole.

Bang for buck

Browsing eBay recently I came to the shock realisation that it has become a legitimate cesspool for crack heads feeding their illegal habit. At least it continues the stereotype that the Hip Hop genre is surrounded by individuals possessed on some sort of narcotic. In the end you're off your face. You come to the sudden thought - that to maximise your mellowed state you need some tunes.

Fags are so gay

At the Town Hall steps on Wednesday I saw street performers pushing the awareness of disposing cigarette butts appropriately. This coincides with the new smoking bans.

Unexpected Profession

Caught the current series of Big Brother the other day. One of the male house mates is a corsetier. A profession that I thought would only exist in a sweat shop in China. To make himself stand out even more, he wears them himself.

Chic to be Green

The media is putting a lot of focus on who or what is the greenest of them all. Public concern is growing, so the more FUD spread, the world can benefit.

The Cardigan: Questionable Fashionable

I've be preaching for years that being a geek is cool, potentially chic. Don't confuse a geek with a nerd, it breaches a blood feud that been spanning a millennia.

Classical Hip Hop

Personally I'm not really a fan of music reviews, but today I did buy Hilltop Hoods - The Hard Road: Restrung which happens to be the day it came out. It hits the streets a year after the original was released, minus the strings. Initially the Hoods did really well, they got commercial air play and won a bunch of recording artist awards.

More aussie undies

Driving into the city on the weekend I noticed a billboard showing a bloke's arse (in undies), promoting aussieBum. They are the gourmet equivalent of Bonds briefs, with the increased price tag. The main selling point is Wonderjock, the man version of the Wonderbra. Rather than tucking your nuts away, aussieBum jocks have a kangaroo like pouch that push them forward. Now you can show the world that you have something below the belt. This is awesome for the metrosexual men keen on insinuating his sexual organ.

Chain gun muffler

Motor cycle riding is not something within my box of tricks, but boy the riders must have a great time. The choppers are in a league of there own, building a custom bike must be truly gratifying. If you think the accessories are really clever, you haven't seen the tailgunner. Recall the movie Predator, the one with a certain governor.

Drug dealing at Australian Fashion Week

The Australian Fashion Week got its lovely long legs into action in Sydney this week. As always the majority of the featured apparel is for the female fashion conscious. What really matters is the controversy making headlines, rather than the disposable fancy frocks costing more than a new set of tyres.


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