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Ralph Lauren Black Label

Australian designers not good enough

Prada Australia hosted a work shop to understand what men think of fashion. It was helled at the Martin Place Prada store in Sydney, documented by The Australian. Fueled by cocktails, it was attended by high profile business men. Meaning they could afford to spend the cash on a pair of shoes costing more then a months worth of lunches.

Fat buttons in style?

On the weekend Myer had a family and friends shopping offer. I assumed that it was meant to be exclusive. Instead they were handing out the same flyer I had and calling it a private sale. For men's clothing I think Myer rocks, it one of the few stores where you don't have to fend off an army of sales reps making there presence felt.

Kevlar Hoodie!

This is flipping awesome. With winter approaching, protection becomes an issue... obviously. Walking down a street simply increases the chances of a knife falling into your new threads, damaging them for the rest of the season. Now that a poor bunch of students have been shot up it sets up a segway for personal protection clothing.

Australian footwear in Tokyo

Actor Thomas Haden Church currently of Spider Man 3 fame has been spotted at the Tokyo launch wearing Blundstones. I wonder if the Angry new face of Blundstone was sent in to convince the Texas raised master of the big screen to strap on some Aussie leather.

Source: Nova 969.

Cool outdoor gear

Although a guy may never actually admit to browsing through a clothing related catalog, there is a breed of catalog which may urge the stallion to gently whisper: oh cool.

Fashionable Akubra Hats.

Browsing the classic Australian rabbit based product, an Akubra hat, I noticed that they have range for the fashion conscious. The most popular styles include: Country, Western and Fashion. My imagination sends to an Australia stockman having a rare day off and decides to head into town wearing his 'dressy' Akubra.

Rabbitohs go all fancy

Part South Sydney Rabbitohs club owner Russell Crowe has put in call to Giorgio Armani, apparently friend and Italian designer. Gone are the days where cotton jerseys ruled. Over taken by skin tight fancy heat extracting fabric lacquered in sponsorship banners. With the boys all properly catered for with game day clothing, Crowe has begged Armani to throw together a handful of threads for off-field consumption. Something with buttons and stuff.

R.M.Williams swag give away

R.M. Williams Travel bag

Browsing the R.M. Williams site one will be greeted with a pop up advertisement promoting a Travel Bag give away.

Although I can't for foresee myself investing in any boots, the offer is available both on and offline. It's good to seem to R.M. Williams classic reputation put on for the world to see, but the online presence has much to desired.

Welcome to BV!

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