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Riding Low

Riding Low

Wearing baggy pants has been popular for a number years. Largely due to the comfort factor. More recently, wearing pants low is a trend that requires its own legislation.

Council members from Alexandria, Louisiana, are doubling as city fashion police. The unanimous decision states that pants dangling below waist line are banned. Offenders (fashion victims) will receive a $30 fine. Other cities are on the path to introduce similar legislation with fines starting at $500!

At least the law isn't gender specific so the fashion detectives have a chance discriminate. Personally I don't like my belt buckle rubbing against my jewels. The real test is how the wearer can perform in a fight or flight response situation. Surely they would be tripping over themselves within the first three steps.

Not long along the ladies where all for showing off a G-String crawling up there back. Whilst at the same time their pants where falling in the other direction. They since have decided to go with undershirts that basically cover that region. Guys need to start wearing Batman like utility belts to make up the lost ground between the waist line and wherever the pants are hanging around.