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Shaved by a Man

Lately I've been able to get away with shaving once a week. Before heading out to the beach I'll do a quick and nasty shave. Rubbing sun screen into a face with week old chin hair makes me an odd looking Santa.

Today's shave is a little different. Firstly I'm not going to the beach and secondly I won't be doing the shaving. Cautiously jumping on an American Crew invitation passed on by Primped I accepted the offer of having a shave, by a stranger.

Up until today the only person who has ever held a sharp implement to my face has been me. Arriving on time at the Grand Royal Barbers I was greeted by American Crew PR reps and fifth generation barber Steve Salecic. Salecic was quick to measure the coarseness of my stubble and offer me a seat in a traditional barber shop chair.

Cut Throat Razor and Shaving Brush

This whole point of this exercise is to promote American Crew new shave range. It can be broken down into two parts: stuff you apply before and after you shave. For me shaving cream is a pretty obvious requirement, most gents who like having skin on there face would agree. Aftershave is subject to availability in my bathroom. I have never knowingly bought any nor do I have the desire to apply any.

Sitting so far back in the chair it felt like a dentist could happily drill away if need be. Then came out the hot towel to loosen those pours that hold everything down. It covered my whole face as if my eye brows needed shaving. Once unmasked, the shaving cream was carefully lathered on with a shaving brush. Eventually after all the preparation and my confession of 'I'm usually done now' the main act appears: the cut throat razor.

This little tool is what shaving should be all about. Using the cut throat is like carrying a loaded gun in your underpants. Things can get messy very easily. Mastering a cut throat is like becoming a marksmen. Carefully shaving with and against the grain Salecic quite happily drags the razor around my virtually non-existent neck.

After all evidence of facial puberty has been removed a cooling after shave is massaged into my naked face. One more hot towel engulfs me and Salecic tidies up. Checking out my sweet cheeks in the mirror I get the feeling of a shave with a brand new razor. With a cut throat and a barber the smoothness is even in those tricky spots.

Upon completion I was presented with an American Crew shaving gift pack, containing: Moisturizing Shave Cream, Post-Shave Cooling Lotion and a nicely weighted razor handle. I'm actually more excited about using the razor handle then the actual products!