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Shirt wears

Isn't it great how polictics pushes fashion. Gorbachev scored work though Louis Vuitton. Australian PM contender Kevin Rudd managed to move a billion pieces of Kevin 07 shirts clocking up $100k in additional campaign budget. Now they are buying a fishing village in India to keep up with demand, as long they vote Labor.

Continuing with shirts, I recently found out about RedBubble. A Melbourne start up hosting an online art community. Where art works can be printed onto shirts. Apart from the two week turn around, the shirts look great.

Fridge full of Tooheys Dry and Pure Blonde

Lastly I'm still sporting brusies from a recent bucks weekend up in Terrigal. A weekend of firsts, paintball/skirmish on the Friday and golf on the Saturday. Paintball is a great way to prove to yourself that your not as fit as you think you are. Then there is golf. A social way of blowing a nice day in the sun, with beers. I drank enough Pure Blondes to last me till the new year. Why Blondes? The best excuse one of the blokes came up with was the weekend really a health retreat, as Blondies are low in carbohydrates.

Catch a look at me pimping my RedBubble threads.