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When in Queenstown: Fergburger

When visiting the southern island of New Zealand, if you can survive crossing Orc country, make the extra effort and visit the temple of the Fergburger. Fortified in the center of Queenstown, devouring a Fergburger is a must for any traveler.

To truly experience New Zealand one must be prepared to sample the local produce. An acceptable way to do this is between two pieces of bread in the shape of a hamburger. Luckily enough, Ferburger has such a hamburger.

Arriving late on a cool summer night I lined up with other visiting night owls. Drooling over the menu and not wanting to over complicate things, choosing the self titled 'The Fergburger' seemed obvious. Unfortunately eating inside the temple was disallowed (it was later then late). Although dampening the path to enlightenment, eating outside didn't seem all that bad.

My very own Ferburger

The heavens opened and in a paper bag my very own Ferburger arrived. At that time it became difficult to maintain the illusion of an intelligent being. Half way through the Ferburger I had to come up for air and the animal instincts resided. The same enjoyment was shared by fellow vultures, the burger was dam tasty. Aside from the beef with its own secret herbs the burger is practical in construction.

The bread is soft, but thick enough to protect fingers from drowning in sauce. Unlike most gourmet hamburgers, a Ferburger will remain intact. The beef paddy is actually edible and doesn't require four sets of teeth. After finishing your first, the sweet after taste makes it seem logical to order another 14. Luckily thirst was high and a search for a watering hole began.

Culinary expert Gorney of Ping Pong fame also provides a review of his virgin encounter with the Fergburger.

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