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WWE Smackdown Sydney

Deep in hibernation BT rolls over and stumbles upon some steroid induced family entertainment. Surely grown men wrestling in outfits conceived at the Mardi Gras can't sell out an arena built for Olympians?

Wrestlers flying under the WWE banner sure can. On a late Sunday evening, Sydney's Acer Arena was engulfed by young families oozing excitement. Crowding around a boxing ring with more bounce then a trampoline we watched blokes (and some diva's) play wrestle. Even the casual observer would be impressed by the airborne trickery. The pre-bout dialogue, is performed by two beings sharing a single brain cell. Less entertaining then overacting on a community television advertisement.

The mere size of the wrestlers is most impressive. The skyscraper stance of Kane and The Great Khali screams brute force. Though they are out done by The Undertaker. That name has been wrestling for more then 20 years. A crowd favourite with trademark grave yard sound effects. With an apparent ban he was graciously invited back for an non-title fight... who would of guessed. Ring side fans only paid $350 to watch mountains of sweat grope each other. Surely they would understand a The Undertaker no show due to the immediate life ban.

Actually the life ban I just came up with. Anyone can write a WWE storyline, really. Though it was entertaining to watch: Stronger then I'll ever be, diva's pulling each other's hair; Title fighters Batista and Edge pretend hit in the crowd; Lastly, to watch The Undertaker perform a tombstone piledriver. It's still something I wouldn't pay for. Luckily for the sake of my wallet, a friend had free tickets.

WWE Smackdown Sydney Diva's
WWE Smackdown Sydney
WWE Smackdown Sydney Diva'sWWE Smackdown Sydney
WWE Smackdown SydneyWWE Smackdown Sydney
WWE Smackdown Sydney