Breakfast Swim

Whoops missed my yearly blog post by one day!

Nonetheless, token highlight from 2017 was being in Croatia, during summer, on a boat and swimming every morning.


This year I learned baking bread without yeast actually breaks down the gluten protein. This is important because I can now eat bread again. Bad because it is next level hipster.

Sourdough bread cooling

Attack of the Beard

Yearly blog post. Attack of the Beard.

Simon with a beard drinking a beer

Medieval Hoodie

Wearing armour in winter is pretty important. Why not flash back to the medieval period with a fashionable hoodie?

Medieval Hoodie

Got married

Got married, 19th October, 2013.

Newly weds at Carriage Works, Redfern

The Purr of the Singapore F1

I've relocated to Singapore. The weather is wicked and I arrived just in time for the F1. Everyone talks about the noise, it is pretty special the first time you hear about.

Slamming Beaches

Back when the days were long and the nights short I introduced the crew to beach volleyball at the Manly SLAM Beach Volleyball Festival. Being a seasoned amateur I introduced the young fledglings into the art of fancy dress volleyball.

Slam Volleyball Beach Patrol finger point

Get Younger

In April I was apart of a team who developed and deployed Younger You (YY). YY is a corner of the Internet for sourcing a variety of anti-aging advice. Luckily not everything needs a scalpel, butter knives can get you a few quick wins.

Bloke Toughness Test

Tough Bloke Challenge competitor covered in mud

A way to test one's toughness has been devised. The Tough Bloke Challenge is a 6km obstacle course. Blokes (and blokettes) are tasked to run, trudge through mud and climb adult play equipment on a Saturday morning. Individual categories break up the field into age groups and a super human elite category.

Tailored Armor

It can be such a dilemma deciding to walk out in public either feeling safe or looking good. If your Macgyver, feeling safe comes naturally. For the rest of us, we risk it for the sake of turning heads. You can stop scouring the Internet for that bulletproof Armani man bag. A champion has been found.


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