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Fashionable Akubra Hats.

Browsing the classic Australian rabbit based product, an Akubra hat, I noticed that they have range for the fashion conscious. The most popular styles include: Country, Western and Fashion. My imagination sends to an Australia stockman having a rare day off and decides to head into town wearing his 'dressy' Akubra.


Though they seem more of the style of an aging Australian. The main difference being a shorter brim and greater sized band. It does raise an interesting question though. Are there animal activists who campaign against the use of rabbit skin in apparel?

This year in Paris PETA attempted to storm a Frenchman's fashion show naked holding signs "I'd rather go naked then wear fur". Personally I'm not a big fan of wearing a dead animal, but I always have a single pair of leather shoes around. Are the PETA ninjas focusing there sights on an ordinary bloke?