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Man Cans

Man Cans

Whilst internally hiding a number of brown lemonades on Saturday night, a discussion topic of Man Cans appeared. Oddly it didn't really have anything to do man boobs, a life threatening condition that affects many blokes. Apparently the watchers of televisual media (TV) have discovered a campaign promoting a rather unhelpful website,

The clever ads are also available online. They put blokes in everyday situations but act very unmanly: Blokes crying during a movie, unable to drive a manual and not using ones hands at a BBQ. Resulting in the instant growth of man cans, much to the disgust of immediate company.

Getting anything useful out of the site is as easy as driving to China. Apart from the sleuth of obvious jokes and the mantra, it seems like nothing more than a waste of Internet real estate. The mantra being a self help speech that borderlines with the 10 commandments, again something I could do without.

Thanks to the Internet, the word in the ether is that the Man Can ideal is nothing more than a marketing ploy. With an eventual relaunch of the original thirst quencher, Solo.