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More aussie undies

Driving into the city on the weekend I noticed a billboard showing a bloke's arse (in undies), promoting aussieBum. They are the gourmet equivalent of Bonds briefs, with the increased price tag. The main selling point is Wonderjock, the man version of the Wonderbra. Rather than tucking your nuts away, aussieBum jocks have a kangaroo like pouch that push them forward. Now you can show the world that you have something below the belt. This is awesome for the metrosexual men keen on insinuating his sexual organ. Supposedly they are popular in Europe, but that is to be expected. Europeans are nuts for getting there balls out.


In the last week they launched the budgie smuggler (Speedo style) swim wear range. Now the unsuspecting public will think you have a whole flock tucked away and that your about to take them for a swim. Can't say that I'm a fan. The boardies look okay, as long they don't have any enhancing properties. All the promotional stuff looks quite gay and can be hard to look at for a straight guy. A typical bloke doesn't want to know what a male model does for fun whilst wearing only undies. I think it would be easier to watch man power warm up. Even Pat Rafter wears a singlet when modeling for Bonds.

Alternatively, aussieBum could be actually marketing to females. Who will buy these jocks for there partners, subconsciously thinking that they can make there man hotter. They are not easy to come by. Made available only online leaving out a good chunk of the undie wearing population. Shame about try before you buy.