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Newcastle Movie

Took a chance on a no brainer competition last Friday. The mighty fine folk at Triple J were offering double passes to see an exclusive screening of an Australian flick: Newcastle. To compete, I typed in some obvious information and bam. No need to thrash out 25 words of well thought out ego boosting crap. In the end the event wasn't as exclusive as initially thought. No exclusive ticket ripping. Just an usher pointing into the general direction. Being one of only a handful wearing office attire, the cinema felt like a beach party. Kind of like dressing up to a Star Wars premier.

Newcastle Movie Poster

The surfing movie comes outs of a NSW mining settlement. Centered around a junior surfer with father issues (Shane Jacobson of Kenny fame). Jesse is destined to be the next world champion. After not qualifying for the local championships Jesse and his blonde haired friends go away for a surfing weekend without parental consent.

After loosing his virginity Jesse has an altercation with his not so friendly half brother. Blood is shed which is followed by tears, then some more surfing. Of which the surfing footage is quite good.

What you do appreciate is the lack of Australian humor and slang in cinema today. So refreshing the whole cinema engages in laughter. Sadly, Newcastle quickly spoils itself by the continuous use of 'mate' in dialog. As if it was a secret surfer code.

Although there is a need to promote Australian films, only see Newcastle if you can scam some free tickets: At the movies November 6, 2008.