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Australian designers not good enough

Prada Australia hosted a work shop to understand what men think of fashion. It was helled at the Martin Place Prada store in Sydney, documented by The Australian. Fueled by cocktails, it was attended by high profile business men. Meaning they could afford to spend the cash on a pair of shoes costing more then a months worth of lunches.

One of comment's by the focus group attendees rubbed me up the wrong way. Westfield's retail leasing manager David Ruddick is lucky enough to travel the world as a part of his job. He claims that 80 per cent of his wardrobe he buys in Hong Kong or the US. His poor little wallet doesn't have access to the big labels that he finds elsewhere. If it is retailed in Australia, you either pay a premium or are presented with a limited range, claims Ruddick.

Why do we have to dress like the rest of the world? Fair enough fashion is world wide, but local incarnation's should take preference. Represent our isolation, our knack for adapting to the local climate. This tried old dragon could be running on fumes. With not a single mention of local designers, the buy and support Australian rant is being extinguish by the international fashion houses. There may be still hope yet. If we are prepared to pay three times as much for something that isn't Made in China, then local designers may become more popular.