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Slamming Beaches

Back when the days were long and the nights short I introduced the crew to beach volleyball at the Manly SLAM Beach Volleyball Festival. Being a seasoned amateur I introduced the young fledglings into the art of fancy dress volleyball.

Slam Volleyball Beach Patrol finger point

With the theme being 'Beach Patrol' we sported matching singlets, shorts and of course police style peak hats. Absolutely essential in any fancy dress sporting event.

Fortunately the rules are relaxed and the court is surrounded by inflatable barriers. Each team has six eager beavers bare foot and momentarily sky high spirit.

Slam Volleyball Beach Patrol finger point

Buyinvite entered two teams with the premise of strength in numbers. Both teams progressed out of the round robin matches though the A team didn't a last a single sudden death match. The almighty B team was robbed by a troubled referee. Missing out on competing in the quarter finals.

This being my second SLAM Beach Volleyball Festival they still are in my eyes a beach party where volleyball happens to be played. With summer finding it's way back be sure to put your name down for a little fun with your mates in the sun. After the the sun sets, nurse your wounds at the closet pub!

Slam Volleyball Beach Patrol finger point