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Tailored Armor

It can be such a dilemma deciding to walk out in public either feeling safe or looking good. If your Macgyver, feeling safe comes naturally. For the rest of us, we risk it for the sake of turning heads. You can stop scouring the Internet for that bulletproof Armani man bag. A champion has been found.

In Columbia you can have your favourite threads tailored, with armor. Miguel Caballero tailors bullet proof garments for clients all around the world. Understandably the classic bullet proof vest clientele include the United Nations, police/military and security firms. For the tailored products that change with the seasons Miguel sells armored ties, shirts and jackets to various government representatives and Steven Seagal.

Looking forward, Miguel hopes to help a brother out and target the hip hop market. Though already covered in this blog the Kevlar hoodies and fashionable (non-functional) bullet proof vests have been available online for some time.

The Vice Guide to Travel: Colombia has a demonstration of Vice reporter Ryan Duffy getting shot whilst wearing an armored raincoat. Sources have been unable to confirm whether the raincoat was actually water proof.